Discover a new, more efficient method of proforma processing

Your old process is broken

Proforma review is a broken process that results in higher costs and longer waits in the work to cash cycle. It's easy to blame lawyer recalcitrance for the problem. However, experienced billing staff knows there is more to it than that.

With printing, reprinting, faxes, emails and routing to multiple approvers, it is a system in which time delays and confusion seem inevitable.

The good news? It doesn't have to be this way.

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Download our free whitepaper, "Improving Work to Cash Cycle Without Culture Change." You'll discover why the proforma process has become so muddled, and how new technology can inspire greater efficiency.

You'll learn which metrics are the key to simplifying the process, and how tablets or mobile devices, which are becoming commonplace at most law firms, make markup and approval easier.

Created by Portoformia

And when you're ready to explore your technology options, contact Portoformia. We have created a system that instantly delivers proformas to all attorney computers and iPads as soon as they are processed. It's a more secure, efficient and accurate means to complete this cumbersome task.