Attorneys: more efficient, more secure and more accurate

Dreading the beginning of the month when the necessities—and drudgery—of the billing cycle threaten to take over your life? Wish that you could do what you get paid to do, what you are in business to do, rather than spending time reviewing pre-bills?

Finally—PortoFormia™ Mobile Markup: a tool to distribute, mark up, and return proformas that is simple to use, secure, accurate, and saves you precious time.

  • What if you could complete the review and markup process in far less time, and access proformas from anywhere, at anytime?
  • Imagine receiving notification and delivery of all your proformas on your iPad—the days of carrying around stacks of proformas gone forever.
  • What if you could click a PDF and open any pre-bill? What if a swipe of a finger was all it took to review a page?
  • Imagine that instead of clumsy ballpoints and highlighters, all those editing tools were at your fingertips: 2-color highlighter or strike-through, sticky notes, stylus and freehand pen tools, custom stamps with preset verbiage.
  • What if that PDF had a persistent log to accumulate all edits and annotations—yours and everyone's—with user-identification, so there was no need for duplication, no worry about multiple unreconciled drafts?
  • Imagine that on completion, you could tap "submit" and the pre-bill would be delivered to the biller instantaneously?

PortoFormia™ offers a more efficient, more secure and more accurate way to complete proformas. That means happier attorneys, more efficient billing and most important, lower cost.

Make an investment in efficiency, security, accuracy and quality of life—yours!

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