Electronic prebill markup is the wave of the future. Many partners are asking for their prebills in pdf format. But they couldn’t mark them up easily until now. The editing tools are simple to use. Equally significant…. my billers will receive the marked up prebills much faster. There will be less end of month stress on my staff. Printing proformas to 8 remote offices is a nightmare and consumes a tremendous amount of time and labor. It’s taken twenty years to solve this problem.

Billing manager at an AM Law 50 firm

Our proforma distribution process is at best a rats nest of paper, email, and clumsy binders. We need a better way to cut out the inefficiency that my department has been living with for years. We often don’t know where a proforma is in the approval cycle. I love the ability for my team to know how long a proforma has been in the hands of the partner. I also love the ability to route a proforma to multiple partners. Portoformia has thought of everything we need.

Billing supervisor at an AM Law 100 firm

We were disappointed when Portoformia first demonstrated Mobile Markup because it only supported the iPad. When they came back to us with the news that it now runs on Windows devices, we were thrilled. Our patent and trademark group loves Mobile Markup. Some partners receive a couple hundred proformas a month. Now they can quickly review and route back to their billers wherever they have an internet connection. Amazing!

Director of Finance at an AM Law 200 firm