Frequently Asked Questions

What accounting applications do you work with?

We work with Elite, Aderant, and several other systems. Our platform is agnostic. All we need is metadata from your billing application.

Do our prebills need be modified in any way?

No. The original prebill format remains unchanged. We simply take your printer output and convert it to PDF.

Can an attorney receive both printed and electronic prebill copies?


How is the process initiated.?Is it controlled by the billers?

The process can be set up as an automated service or kicked off individually to the attorney by the biller.

How long is a typical implementation?

After we receive your billing metadata, we typically are up and rolling in less than a week.

Can the attorney email his edited prebills?


How does the biller know when a prebill is returned?

We have a number of ways to notify when a prebill is returned. Typically, its via email. In Elite 3e we can integrate with the prebill return flag.

Can we purchase a perpetual license instead of a subscription?

Yes, you can.

Can edits be exported to the billing system?

Some edits can be transferred.

Is it possible to mass approve a group of proformas?


What type of data do we need to provide?

Just your billing header information.

Does the app work on an iPhone?

Not at this time and besides viewing a prebill on such a small screen is not a pleasant experience!.

Does the app work on an Android device?

No, it doesn't.